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Society For Charity With Corey Allen

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Corey Allen, Founder and CEO of Society For Charity, has a transparent chat with Sheila and Ericka. He leaves no stone unturned, nor question unanswered. Listen in…


My name is Corey Allen I’m a native of Sylvester Ga. I have been doing nonprofit work in and around the Atlanta area for many years, helping to build a stronger community.

I started my own nonprofit, Society For Charity, in February 2021. The main purpose of my nonprofit organization is to feed the homeless in Atlanta and beyond. I believe that educating the community about this problem is just as important as the problem itself.

Society for charity is here to serve –  not only with homelessness but with any life essentials needed to sustain the community.

We are 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, so feel free to send in a tax-deductible donation to support our mission. We also invite you to come out and volunteer with us. Thank you! 

How to contact Corey and Society for Charity:


Email: [email protected]

Do you have a question or comment for Corey, Sheila or Ericka? Please write it below. Thank you!

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