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Chef Alex Reethof of Gathering Industries

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In this episode, Sheila and Ericka enjoy a lively discussion with Chef Alex Reethof, Owner of Reethof Hospitality and Founder of Gathering Industries.


Alex Reethof, “ChefTainer,” has worked in and around the Hotel and Restaurant industry since 1974.  He started at age 16 as a “pot washer” (which is even one step below a dishwasher) before working his way up to Chef at top fine dining restaurants from Seattle to Sarasota.

Gathering Industries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to end homelessness in Atlanta by helping the homeless help themselves. Through training and management skills programs,

Gathering Industries educates homeless individuals in the culinary field to help them find sustainable employment and a way out of homelessness. In collaboration with a host of Atlanta restaurants and the Atlanta Mission, Gathering Industries works to give a hand up, not a hand out.

We are a Christian-based organization that focuses on spreading the love of God and the compassion of others to those in need.


While our vision is to help end homelessness one job at a time, we view every interaction with a homeless individual and an opportunity to inspire hope and encourage change in that person’s life. Each member of our team works hard to convey the kindness of Christ and makes sure to help every individual feel welcomed and loved.

Connect with Chef Alex:

Reethof Hospitality

[email protected]

770-363-1468 c

FB: Chef Alex Reethof

Twitter: ChefAlexReethof

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