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What will we talk about?

Here is a list of questions we may ask you:

  1. How does your organization/ agency make a positive impact on the community?
  2. What is your organization/ agency’s focus to uplift the communities you serve?
  3. What steps are you taking? How are you measuring the progress?
  4. How can community nonprofit organizations partner with you to help reach that goal? Who should they contact (name and phone number)?
  5. What valuable resources have you learned about recently, or that is under-utilized, that would benefit nonprofit organizations? (free equipment, meeting space, discounts, etc)
  6. Do you have any upcoming events to share with our listeners?
  7. What have we not discussed, that you would like community nonprofit organizations to know?

Note: We will spend approximately 30 minutes on Q&A, but don’t feel rushed. It’s ok if we don’t get through each of the questions. Our listeners would rather take a deep dive into how you operate, rather than a shallow skip along your journey.

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