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The Community Nonprofit Network Podcast – aka The CNN Podcast – was created to build a global network of community nonprofit organizations.


The community nonprofit world is lacking various key elements, that would help it grow.

The world of nonprofit organizations is lacking an interactive and knowledgeable base of people who are genuinely passionate about curing the world’s ills.

The CNN Podcast is hosted by Ericka Scott, Executive Director of LifeChangers, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, based in the Atlanta, Ga. area. She is a Christian Life & Business Coah, and Owner of By the Book Coaching LLC.

Ericka is driven to serve others realizes that there is a gap in how each nonprofit organization gains knowledge and resources that could help them serve their community in a , much bigger way.

Although there are many local, state and federal agencies and organizations to support nonprofits. Organizations such as the Community Foundations around the country, is a valuable resource, but there is still a need for a platform where the spotlight shines on nonprofit organizations, and all the good work they are doing in their community.

Ericka Scott

LifeChangers, Inc., Executive Director and Founder

Life by the Book Coaching, Christian Life & Business Coach

Former Co-Owner of M&E Rich Enterprises, Inc., (Retired) Long-Haul Truck Driver

Ericka Scott is passionate about reaching young adults to help guide them onto the right track. Ms. Scott understands that the family structure is often broken, forcing parents to use most of their time and energy to keep food on the table and a roof over their family’s head.

Ms. Scott was raised in this same type of environment. Her father was  in prison most of her formative years. Her mother worked two, often three jobs, just to make ends meet while raising two children alone.  This resulted in Ericka getting into legal trouble of her own, and giving birth to her first child at 18 years old.

Unfortunately, the name Ericka Scott did not stand out, then. Nor, is her story unique or rare. This story is like so many.

 This speaks to the passion that fuels Ms. Scott’s mission. Helping young men and women learn how to stay out of the penal system, while discovering and living in their purpose, is the reason why LifeChangers, Inc. was formed.

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Former Co-Host:

Sheila L. Hardy

Founder and CEO of Because It’s Personal, Inc.

Certified Life Coach, Common Sense Transformational Lifestyle Coaching

Sheila L. Hardy became a double certified lifestyle coach 2012 & 2017.  My major field is trauma through neurotheology modality exercises. (interconnectivity with the nervous and brain systems)  

As a former therapeutic foster parent with C.C.S., Multi- Agency Alliance for Children, and Stem Agency for family support in Georgia, along with numerous other positions;  I ended my fostering and family support partner career after 10 years (2005-2015).  I also ended my 14 year career working with the Hall County school system.     

My volunteering and certificates includes Waterfront Men Mission, Wellness and Living Well Training certifications from Standford University Chronic Disease self- management program. (Alabama)

Mental Health first Aid through Missouri National Counsel for Behavioral and Mental Health.

I became a caregiver for the mentally challenged, and then for elderly adults. Certified through The Great Village African American caregiver training from Emory Research Center. 

Sheila and Ericka have joined forces to fill the gap between nonprofit organizations and the resources that will help them G-R-O-W.

Many organizations have seen growth, but have hit a plateau. The CNN Podcast is deigned to address the needs of nonprofit organizations in this situation, as well.

So, whether you are starting a nonprofit organization to make free puppets for cancer patients, or you want to feed the homeless – and everything in between – The CNN Podcast will benefit you!

Thank you for your support, and we will see you on the next epidsode of The CNN Podcast!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.