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Former Zambia Army Soldier Now Fights For Human Rights

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Geoffrey Mulenga is the Founder and Executive Director of Lotus Flower Community School, located in Ndola Zambia, Central Africa.


In this episode, you will hear just how passionate Geoffrey is about providing a safe place for children and women. In Zambia, women and girls are abused, and are vulnerable – susceptible to being forced into the sex trafficking nightmare.

The youth are poor, hungry and uneducated. Geoffrey and his team of Workers and Volunteers, work hard to equip the youth and women with the knowledge and skills they

We are a community-based organization, Lotus Flower Community School in Zambia offering free education and health to vulnerable people and communities.

Furthermore, we empower inopportune people especially the women, youths, the disabled including a pearl girl child educating and sensitising them on their privileges and rights.

To fulfil our mission, we have provided free uniforms, free shoes, food, free school bags and so forth to encourage our orphans and vulnerable children to learn well. 

We have helped families and children in their family conferencing, diversion and helped the families of the incarcerated to lead a normal life.

Equally prepared the incarcerated not failure into revives especially as they prepare to leave the correctional term.

Moreover, among the other causes involved in are advocating for women, community development, clean energy, environmental and health rights as well as sex, family planning, sports, HIV and AIDS, malaria programs, distribution of multivitamins and mosquitoe nets and so on.

Additionally, as an agent of change and coordinator of this non-profit organization, I would like to request to partner as well as be an ambassador for your organization to help, work and coordinate social-economic and justice transformational programs through global wings for the advancement of human rights, justice and fairness on populace and communities extremely affected by lack of justice services in Zambia and beyond. 


Email: [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Former Zambia Army Soldier Now Fights For Human Rights”

  1. Dear everyone!!
    I thought I was daydreaming on CNN Podcast. But after reading and listening to the episode, I got convinced, Ericka the Executive Director For LifeChanger Inc. on CNN Podcast actually did it. Infact she did it better. Our struggles once shared won’t be brawls any more. Thank you for your noble work and wish you the best and many blessing.

    Lotus Flower Community School, Ndola Zambia, Central Africa

    1. Thank you, Geoffrey, for such kind words! We, as a society, should celebrate you and your team of staff and volunteers for showing up, day in and day out. You are a true inspiration to those of us who start organizations to uplift our community. Thank you, and I hpe and pray this exposure results in an abundance of blessings. Amen!

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