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illennial Volunteers With Rashia van den Ende

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Volunteers can make or break a community nonprofit organization. We sat down with Rashia van den Ende, a Volunteer with LifeChangers, Inc. What keeps her passionate, and how can nonprofits attract millennials to help out? Let’s talk about it!

Rashia van den Ende volunteers as the Communications Organizer with LifeChnagers, Inc., a Cobb County-based 501(c)3 community nonprofit organization. Rashia handles onboarding, training, supervises Interns and Volunteers, and she ensures everyone is aligned with the organization’s mission statement.

Rashia is one of the founding staff members of LifeChangers, Inc., as well as our Communications Organizer. Rashia quite literally has her hands in almost every aspect of the organization.


This young woman has many great responsibilities within our organization, maintains all our social media accounts, takes care our graphic design needs, and tracks our analytics to name a few.

After years of providing customer service in the work force, Rashia decided to join the LifeChangers team to continue to help others in a way that she never thought she would.

Helping those in need has always been a life goal for Rashia, which is part of what drew her to LifeChangers, Inc. This opportunity has not only been a learning experience, but also, has given her a way to put her talents to great use.

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