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Feminine Cares With Emerald Tunie

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In this episode, Sheila and Ericka have a chat with Emerald, Founder, CEO and Executive Director of Feminie Cares. Listen in as we discuss a topic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves… feminine hygience.


Emerald has earned her strips as an ATLiens! She completed her graduate degree in Organizational Development & Change back in 2018. While pursuing her degree, her interest in entrepreneurship became even stronger and felt the need to repursue her passion dealing within the spectrum of women’s hygienic health.

After spiritually being dawned to reconsider seeking her passion, God provided her with resources and mentors that helped her developed a nonprofit to provide females with the need of feminine care products.

Fast forward, she created Feminine Cares Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that provides sanitary hygiene napkins to other organizations that house female occupants who are in need of feminine care products.

Emerald’s purpose is to continue to be God’s vessel with the mission of Feminine Cares to help those in need suffering from period poverty.

Feminine Cares Incorporated is a non-profit (501c3 registered) organization that provides sanitary hygiene products to female recipients in need of this free service. The focus of Feminine Cares Inc. is availability of female products, donation resources, and distribution to female locations that house multiple women in Georgia.

The organization’s purpose is to facilitate support and services by providing essential feminine care products (sanitary/hygiene products) to nonprofit organizations in need, that house female occupants.

Organization’s Vision Longer term, by demand Feminine Cares Inc. plans to expand the organization to further innovate feminine needs to not only provide products, but to increase awareness through education, and support services for women’s hygienic-health and mental health. Lastly, to advocate for green mensuration to collect and dispose of sanitary napkins waste intended to support and promote eco-friendly environment.

Ways to contact Emerald and Feminine Cares:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 470-377-0799

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