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A Creative’s Way to Run Your City

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Listen in as we jump into a colorful chat with celebrity Graffiti Artist, Mike “Saes” Halpern, a True-Yorker and Founder of NYC Bridge Runners.


 Mike takes us along the path that started this creative, “all planet” running movement. He shows us the direction it’s heading in but makes sure to include the nostalgic moments that only a New Yorker can truly appreciate!

The NYC Bridge Runners are the 1st Run Crew that started the  “urban running” community back in 2003 and one of the founding Crews of the Bridge The Gap movement est 2012.  

From Seoul to Soweto or Avenue A to Zagreb, our mission is to inspire others to bridge the globe by foot and #SpreadCrewLove daily/nightly.

What started in NYC helped spawn a global network of creatives across all continents that include running, laughing and dancing as part of their lifestyles.   

One goal of this movement, is to get people of all ages, cultures and color, off the couch and out into their city. You can learn so much about the area where you live, the people and the businesses, when you go on a run and intentionally learn about what’s going on around you.

Mike shares vivid detail about the various cities and countries where Bridge Runners crews are, and how you can join this movement. He tells us how people plan trips based on where they can connect with other Bridge Runners crews.

This episode airs in time for you to register for, and make arrangements to connect with the Bridge Runners to celebrate their 20the anniversary, coming up in 2023.

Connect on Instagram to keep up with the Bridge Runners crews:

NYC Bidge Runners on Instagram

Mike “Saes” Halpern on Instagram

Are you a Bridge Runner?Share your location and how long you’ve been a member. Do you know of any other running clubs or crews you could share with our community? Please drop their info in the comments below. Thanks!

Until next time… Be awesome and be blessed!

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