The CNN Podcast Podcast Episodes Registering Muslim Voters With Salik Sohani of GaMVP

Registering Muslim Voters With Salik Sohani of GaMVP

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Sheila and Ericka enjoy an eye-opening discussion, with Salik Sohani of Georgia Muslim Voter Project, and learn about their creative ways to increase registrations.


Georgia Muslim Voter Project (GAMVP) is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization founded in 2015 in response to the growing anti-Muslim rhetoric that was prevalent in mainstream politics and the low rates of civic engagement in the Muslim community.

GAMVP aims to activate and empower Muslim voters in order to elevate the collective power and voices of all Muslims. We stand for equal representation and justice in all forms.

Salik Sohani, the son of Pakistani-American immigrants, is a Senior Community Organizer with Georgia Muslim Voter Project. Salik graduated from New York University in 2018, where he received a degree in Education. He leads GAMVP’s education and policy/advocacy efforts and also supports GAMVP’s field organizing team during election seasons.

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Salik, an avid Atlanta Hawks fan, enjoys playing tennis and golf, working out, traveling, and exploring everything Atlanta has to offer in his free time.

Ways to contact Salik and the Georgia Muslim Voter Project


Email: [email protected]

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