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Grant Writing Tips With David Pyoas

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In this follow-up chat, let’s talk all things GRANTS with David Pyoas of DB Pyoas & Associates. Sheila and Ericka spoke with David in episode #6, when we discussed strategies to build an impactful nonprofit organization.


Many new nonprofit founders mistakenly expect to fill their bank account with grant money. Unfortunately, there are very few new nonprofits who can say they that grants were their main source of funding during their first few years.

However, you should still know what a grant is, and good tips and tricks to help get your RFP (Request For Proposal) or grant application approved.

David has been writing grants since the 1980s and has an incredible success rate of 86%. This is certainly a number to compare other grant writers to, if you are looking to hire one.

Of course, even this success rate does not guarantee that your nonprofit will be awarded the grant. It does, however, increase the chance that you will make it to the short list of finalists. David shares other parts of your nonprofit, that grant makers will look at, during the review process.

David, Sheila, and Ericka also discuss different ways a nonprofit can expand, incorporating a for-profit arm of the organization.

Oh, but don’t leave before the very end, when David, Sheila and Ericka go way back in time, and dust off the memory banks during the “What would you do” segment of the show.

Here is how you can contact David to learn how DB Pyoas & Associates can help grow your nonprofit organizationor your for-profit business:


Phone: 404-858-8420 (Direct); 843-905-3558 (Office)

Email: [email protected]


Do you questions or comments for David, Sheila or Ericka? Please leave them in the comments section below, or you may contact us. Thank you!

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