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Nonprofit Ops Pro With Darcy Schatz

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In this episode, Ericka has a chat with Darcy Schatz, CEO of Nonprofit Ops Pro. Listen in as the ladies discuss all things nonprofit business – technology, events, leadership and MORE!

Wo is Darcy Schtz?


Darcy Schatz is the founder and CEO of Nonprofit Ops Pro, which offers consulting, admin support, coaching, speaking, and resources.

These tools are for nonprofits, associations, and foundations. Darcy has been involved with nonprofits for most of her life, and especially the last 20+ years as a volunteer, staff member, Executive Director, and board member.

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In her role as a board member is where Darcy her developed expertise in back-office nonprofit operations, and learned how to create systems and processes that allow organizations to be more efficient.

When not trying to save the world, Darcy enjoys kayaking, traveling, obsessing about crossword puzzles, reading non-fiction, cake decorating, and trying not to adopt all the animals in shelters.


This episode is packed with great information for nonprofit and for-profit organizations at every stage in their business. You will certainly learn the insight, tip or tactic that will help take you and your organization to the next level!

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